Saturday, October 9, 2010

Easily Amazed

I admit that when it comes to my childrens' accomplishments I am easily amazed. Yesterday Meghan kept Aliza and Josiah during my Dr. appointment. When I came home Aliza had these pictures to show me. I know Aliza can write her name, but this is the first time she has written any other words. Appropriately these are the names of her imaginary friends. Meghan wrote the words on another paper and Aliza wrote them on her paper--by herself!

Foofa. (Her friends are Yo Gabba Gabba characters.) The drawing is even pretty accurate. Foofa has a flower on her head and has big eyes and long eyelashes.

Toodee. It took me a bit before I realized the third "O" is actually a "D".

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