Sunday, October 3, 2010

Babysitting Renee

After her nap, my niece Renee got lots of lovin' from her aunt and cousins. I really enjoyed watching Aliza and Josiah interact with her. It makes me anxious for our baby to arrive. I also can't wait for those first proud sibling pictures. =)

Aliza wasn't quite sure what to do when Renee grabbed a handful of hair.

Josiah is so sweet when he holds Renee. I suspect he might be a protective brother one day.
Oh yes. I love holding Renee too! However, I am glad that I will not be 32 weeks pregnant and have a 5 month old. It's a little awkward to maneuver and hold a bottle.

(My Mom will be showing my blog to my Grandma). Hi Grandma Rhoda! I love you!!!!

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Me said...

Oh my goodness, shes so big already! And SOOO cute! LOL