Monday, October 11, 2010

Here's the Proof

One of my goals for the summer was to go golfing with Jeremy. The summer was so incredibly hot that I chose to wait until now to go. So at 33 weeks I golfed 9 holes for the first time. Jeremy said he was happy with how I hit straight. I guess he forgot about the one ball that landed on in someone's driveway. I didn't hear any shattering glass. haha. We had fun being together. I am very happy that today I have no extra soreness. I'm thinking that by next spring golfing is going to feel a whole lot easier!

Practice swing.


Christy said...

you look so cute! isn't it hard to swing a club with that baby sitting there? =)

Janell said...

I'm impressed! Next summer we'll have to make it a double date.

chrissy said...

How adorable! I almost think that baby is helping to keep you leaning over the way you should for the swing. I always have the problem of standing straighter through my swing and it not being very good. Very awesome!!!