Thursday, October 7, 2010

Strange Question

I'm tired. Patience is running low. Emotions are running high. Maybe tomorrow will be better since I had a long overdue meltdown tonight.

In this state of mind I enter Wal-Mart this morning. As we are walking in the door a lady says something to me that I didn't really hear so, naturally, I respond that my children are 2 years a part in age. She responds, "No, Do they have the same Daddy?" A little confused I say, "Yes." She says, "I could tell. They look a like and have the same eyes." I keep walking and then I start thinking about this exchange. Clearly her expectation is that children do not share the same Daddy and since my children look so similar I fell outside her standard of normal. Wow. That is really sad.

By far, this is the strangest conversation that I have had in public about my children.

1 comment:

Christie said...

That is REALLY sad. And, I totally understand your meltdown...yesterday was my meltdown day too :) This too shall pass! (at least thats what they say!)