Monday, January 24, 2011

After Almost 2 Years...

....of pulling out my hair and banging my head against the wall, Aliza is finally pooping in the potty! I cannot describe how profoundly exciting this is to me. The first night it happened I was at Bible study. When I came home Aliza tapped me on the shoulder and whispered in my ear that she peed and pooped at the same time. I started feeling for wet thinking I needed to change her and didn't feel anything. I asked if Daddy had helped her. She said "No, I pooped in the potty." I said, "You did??? YOU DID!!!!" I wrapped her up in the arms and gave her a huge hug. When I looked at her she had the proudest smile on her face and happy tears in her eyes. I was done in. My eyes were teary and I looked at Mom, who happened to be there, and her eyes were teary too. Since then there has not been an accident and she has told me several times, "Mom, I'm getting the hang of it."

Here's what happened. Aliza went 12 days without pooping. I had to do some serious intervention and we got her back on track. My solution to preventing this problem was stool softener and that seems to have been just what was needed. Why, oh why, didn't I think of this 18 months ago? I had a feeling there was something wrong with the trainer... One day I will apologize to my little girl for all the spankings she endured during the time when we thought that might motivate her in the right direction. The final threat was that she would not be able to have her 5th birthday party until she was pooping in the potty. It looks like she will have her party on time!

(Christie, the first time was the same day we talked.)

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Christie said...

Oh, Carla! I am so happy for you!!! PTL!!! There is nothing like getting over a gynormous hurdle with kids...such relief!