Tuesday, January 11, 2011


I opened the pantry this morning to get a new bottle of apple juice and there was none! I was trying so hard to keep tabs on our food supply to avoid the inevitable first grocery shopping trip with 3. I was hoping to put it off for another month. But I needed to give Aliza mineral oil in her apple juice and it was supposed to snow tonight so I was in a fix. I had to go for it.

It was a real fix. Aliza and Josiah were both outrageously needy and grumpy this morning. Anna was fussing. The last thing I wanted to do was pack up and head to the store. I had to think about the logistics a bit. I went with the plan to park beside a cart return and load the baby carrier in the back of the cart (leaving no room for groceries). Josiah riding in the cart in and out of the store was a bonus. He usually walks the whole time. He did walk in the store. As I walked out of the house I desperately prayed (out loud), "God, please go with us!" When we got in the car I wanted to high five Aliza and Josiah and pump my fists in the air. They behaved so well! I couldn't have asked for a smoother trip. It definitely exceeded my expectations, however, I don't plan to attempt this on a regular basis--yet!

A couple sweet little baby smiles--complete with happy noises that you can't hear!

(I did fix the red eye on the above photos, but I chose the wrong file. I'm too lazy to redo it. Why won't the computer just read my mind! It should know to replace that file. lol.)

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