Saturday, January 29, 2011

Confidence Booster

While discussing with Meghan whether we would get together on Thursday morning, I looked out the window and saw that I had a flat tire. Jeremy put air in it and could hear the air running out of it as soon as it was full. We knew that I could get to the tire center safely if I left as soon as he pumped up the tire. Jeremy called the tire center and they estimated 45 minutes to patch a tire. I figured I could survive in the small play room for that long--since I really do like having transportation at my disposal. We planned for me to get the tire fixed Friday morning.

We arrived at the tire center at 10:15. Aliza and Josiah had spent 5 minutes in the play room before so they were really looking forward to it. They went straight to play and I checked the car in. Jeremy stopped by to make sure we got there ok and then he headed off to work. Aliza colored and Josiah played with trucks and tractors. They stayed in the play area. They shared toys with the other children that came in. Anna laid on the bench beside me and looked around. Aliza stopped being a dinosaur and making siren noises when I directed her to. It was a most amazing experience....that lasted for not just 45 minutes, but ONE HOUR and 45 minutes.

When it came time to pack up and pay it got a bit hairy since Josiah was quite interested in the tire display and Aliza was interested in the candy machines on the other side of the showroom. A kind employee asked if he could help and I let him carry Anna to the car. The bill was far less than I expected and they showed me an at least 3 inch piece of what appeared to be a kitchen knife that was my tire. Thankfully they were able to patch the tire on the inside and we didn't have to buy a new one.

We got in the car and I told Aliza and Josiah how proud I was of them. We got McDonalds for lunch as a treat. They both even got a milkshake with their Happy Meal. Believe me I would have given them a million dollars if they asked. To top it off the toys in their meals were perfect. Josiah got a truck with a snow plow attachment and Aliza got a My Little Pony. A first for her. She played with that pony all afternoon and evening and is still playing with it this morning.

That was an experience I needed to continue on this journey of parenting. I must be doing something right. A retired woman was sitting beside me and even told me I was a good Mom. Seriously, I needed that!

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Christie said...

Wonderful!!!I am telling you what, I am beginning to believe that prayer really does change everything. What a blessing!