Thursday, January 6, 2011

No Thyroid Drama

I was thrilled to find out this morning that I will make it through this post partum time without having to deal with high thyroid levels. I had labwork done 4 1/2 weeks after delivery which is earlier than my previous two experiences. I thought that I was having some very mild symptoms of high thyroid so I made the decision to go back to my pre-pregnancy prescription before I got the results. Today the doctor's office called to tell me that my thyroid was slightly high and if I wasn't feeling bad to stay on my pregnancy dose. I explained that I had just had a baby and that I would like a prescription for my pre-pregnancy dose because my TSH was just going to get higher. I'll be very happy to have that new prescription in my hands (I finished what I had leftover). I wanted very badly to avoid a high TSH. I'm thankful that I followed my gut and have learned to manage my own health care in this area.


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that is excellent news!