Sunday, July 17, 2011

10 Years Later...

(I thought I had Blogger figured out on how it uploads pictures, but it must have changed. My pictures are all out of order!)

We are home from our anniversary trip which you will hear much more about in the upcoming days. First I must backtrack just a bit. A close friend of mine got married 2 weeks before me and she started talking about wanting to put her wedding dress on for her 10th anniversary. After a couple conversations I caught the vision and really wanted to put my dress on. My fantasy was to actually walk down the aisle of the church we got married in, but that didn't happen this year. Maybe another time!

One night about 6 weeks ago, I locked our bedroom door and got my dress out. I put it on and confirmed my suspicion that there was no way that dress was going to zip up. A couple weeks later I took it to my Mom's house and she and Janell trip to zip it--unsuccessfully. I left it at Mom's house and on July 4th when we were there I realized it was the last time Jeremy would be at Mom's before our anniversary. So late in the evening, with no pre-planning, I pulled out my wedding dress. With much sucking in, squeezing and sheer determination Jeremy zipped my dress. It is not an exaggeration to say that I could not breathe. It is also not an exaggeration to say that I was grinning from ear to ear. I was so incredibly excited. And I sure do wish that Jeremy had brought his camera that evening....

Aliza and Josiah both wanted to marry me. They insisted on "walking down the aisle" around the house. I mentioned it was late in the evening. They had to take impromptu baths at Grandma's house because they got so dirty outside. Since it was impromptu they are wearing Grandma's t-shirts because their Mommy didn't bring extra clothes!

10 years later I can remember how much I loved that dress and how perfect it was for our wedding. I have no memory of how heavy it was! I also did not remember how huge a semi cathedral train is. I did remember all those tiny buttons all way down the back including the train. That is what I wanted and my Mom patiently shopped with me until I found it!

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