Friday, July 1, 2011

Drama and Growth

As of tonight we have survived our week of Bible School. It is different to be away from home every evening. Our nights were late and our mornings were late. It just made for a very different week.

Aliza was in the kindergarten class this year. It was a big deal for her and she made sure that it was a big deal for Mommy too. Monday evening I took her and Josiah. Before VBS started we looked in her room. When I walked her to her class she started crying. At the door I turned her over to her teacher (whose computer Jeremy fixes) and walked away. I was told her stopped almost immediately. That night she told me the only reason she went into the classroom was because she was curious about the games.

Tuesday night Jeremy took the children. He said Aliza was teary eyed on the way to class. It didn't last long. At the end of the evening her teacher told here that she is a big girl and maybe tomorrow night she won't cry.

I didn't hear about it until Wednesday afternoon. Aliza informed me in no uncertain terms that she did not want to go back to Bible School. I asked her what made her feel that way and she told me that her teacher said that maybe she wouldn't cry tonight. But she was certain and very worried that she would cry. I told her it was ok to cry and we talked about it some more. I was not going to let her off the hook! As we were getting ready to leave Aliza said her neck hurt and she was sure she was going to throw up. In the car she declared her tummy hurt and was sure she was going to throw up. I walked her to class and she let go of my hand and walked right in. No tears.

Thursday I thought she might walk to class by herself. She wanted me to take her, but she didn't really need me.

Friday. Tonight. They had a closing program. Each class sings the song they have learned all week. Aliza told me all day that she didn't want to sing. I decided not to make a deal about it and said ok you can watch. Right before supper she was getting really loud about not wanting to sing and I said it would be nice if she sang because she was learning the song all week and she loves singing. She got loud and mouthy and told me how angry she was that I wanted her to sing. She said she only sings made up songs and didn't want to do those "crazy hand motions" in front of other people. ( should see the "crazy" hand motions and dances she does at home!!) It was very dramatic and I sent her to the car as it was time to go. When I got to the car it started again and I told her it was time to stop the drama. She quit right away. Jeremy walked her in and sat her with the teenager who befriended her this week. When it was time for her class to sing she walked right up, stood in the center of the stage and was the most expressive one in her class.

I am really proud of her for sticking with her class week even though she was unsure and nervous. After Anna was born Aliza had a period of time where she would not leave my side without getting very upset. It was so bad that she did not even want to stay with my Mom and would not talk to my Mom and people that she was very familiar with. Trying as those months were, I chalk it up to adjusting to a new sibling in the family. This week of Bible School would not have been successful even a few months ago.

The video of Aliza singing is on Facebook. Blogger couldn't handle the size of the video, I guess.

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