Thursday, July 21, 2011

On Josiah

Josiah had some memorable moments recently:

I love the mix of gender colors and how it did not bother Josiah at all.
I am 2 for 2 on having extremely extended potty training experiences. Josiah has the peeing part down pretty well. He hasn't gotten the getting-redressed-after-you-pee-part down very well. Pooping is another story altogether. It hasn't happened on the potty yet. This morning he needed to poop and came asking me for his pants. I said, "No way! Go sit on the potty!" He ran exclaiming how he would get his grinder if he pooped on the potty. He sat there and I checked on him. With the biggest puppy dog eyes he says, "Mommy, will you push for me?" And with all the compassion that only a Mommy can feel I tell him that I wish I could, but there is no possible way for me to do that for him. Then he says, "But, Mommy, the poop is scared to come out." Awww.
After supper he wanted to wear one of Aliza's princess costumes to be a superhero. She has a white dress with puffy sleeves and lace around the neckline that has a red cape with it. That was his superhero costume. It soon turned into a fire fighter costume. Later, he showed me that the white dress had gotten some ketchup on it. I took it off and he told me that he was going to put it in the dryer. The dryer had some clothes in it and so I told him to put it in the "other dryer." He did and turned it on. Josiah came running back in to the living room saying, "Liza, I put your dress in the wet dryer."

Josiah crawls into bed with us every morning and promptly falls back asleep, but only after he wedges his feet between my legs or under my hip. If I try to give myself a bit of space he scoots right over and snuggles back in. I try to smile inside and remember that this won't be forever.

At mealtimes he sits beside me. He scoots his chair smack dab against mine. He would be happy if I held him, but that is not a possibility. At lunch today he was touching my shoulder and then wanted to touch my hair. He wasn't getting away with it, but then he looked appreciatively at my messy stay-at-home ponytail and said, "Mommy, your hair looks great."

For as challenging as 3 year olds are they sure are cute and loveable!

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