Saturday, July 23, 2011

The Heat

Extreme seasonal weather. I finally made myself feel better this week when I realized that in the winter we have snow and sometimes lots of it and in the summer we have heat waves. But when it is snow there is something to show for it--pretty pictures of snow piling up. Heat is not pretty. Heat with intense humidity is even less pretty. That's where we are at. We are sweating it out here on the East Coast.

This is the window air conditioner unit in our bedroom. It is registering its temperature at 80 degrees. Let's just say Jeremy is researching ductless air conditioning as I write this. We need to do something.

It is impossible to beat this heat, but here are some things we have done this week to survive the heat.A beach in our backyard! This was great fun for the 2 days before it got so hot that we just could not be outside.

Curious George is great. The kids at the end of the show gave us this idea for a project. We traced Aliza's body and then she felt her own body and drew in the bones that she felt. She had some ideas from watching the kids on Curious George do it like a big bone in the head where the brain is and 3 bones in the fingers etc. It got a little carried away at the end when she was making dots in the nose and saying "and these are the boogers that we pick out." Then she colored in the whole body and we hung it on the wall to show Daddy.

Another day we we made a tent and Aliza and Josiah went camping in it.

Today Jeremy's aunt and uncle invited us to come over to swim since another aunt and uncle were visiting. It took us about 2 seconds to decide that swimming was something we definitely wanted to do. Great Uncle Buzz has a particular affection for Anna. She was in his arms just about right away. When Jeremy took Anna out to the pool Buzz was ready to introduce her to the water. This was Anna's first time in a pool. She was incredible relaxed.

Aliza really enjoyed the water too. This was the first time she was willing to be in a floatie my herself. She took a nap this afternoon....

Josiah, on the other hand, wanted nothing to do with the water.

He tried out the squirt gun, but got frustrated with it. It was a bit heavy and cumbersome for him to handle. He preferred to hang out with his Great Uncle Phil. They checked out Buzz's tractors and read the newspaper together. When we came in for lunch Anna drank a bottle and she and her Great Uncle Buzz took a nap.

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