Sunday, July 3, 2011

A Silly Sort of Day

This morning we had three babies in our house. Aliza and Josiah spent a long time cuddled up on our laps pretending to be babies. I think all of us were ready for a family day at home.

This baby was crying and soaking up the love.

This baby was happy and scooted all around without interruption.

And this baby hopped off my lap for a moment and got himself a baby toy to play with.

Then it was lunchtime and I made hotdogs. As I was ready to put them on the table I realized that we had no ketchup. A hotdog simply cannot be eaten without ketchup. My rule! Jeremy, Aliza and Josiah walked over to our neighbors to ask them if we could use some of their ketchup. They gave us a brand new container (which I bought the replacement at my planned grocery trip right after lunch) and insisted that Jeremy and the children sit and visit for a bit.

Later it was rest time and all 5 of us fell fast asleep. I was the first to see the clock at 4:20! Aliza woke up shortly after. Josiah woke up at 5:00 and Jeremy brought Anna down at 5:30. I guess we all needed it, but don't worry, we paid for that late nap tonight at bedtime!

I think we had the relaxing, restful, day that we needed.

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Christie said...

Hooray, for restful days! Sometimes they are the very best days :)