Saturday, July 21, 2012

Mission Accomplished

Josiah's friends, Aiden and Liam, came over last week. It was a long time since they were at our house and Josiah's hole quickly captured their interest. One of the boys asked me about this post and I said that I didn't need and that they could dig it out. That was just what they needed...a job! Those boys worked for the best part of an hour trying to dig out this post. All three of them had sweat dripping down their face. At one point, Josiah laid down right in the dirt and said he was pooped. (For once he used the word properly!) I love watching little boys work. 

 They attempted to use the crane to pull the post out. It was good thinking!

 They found the bottom of the cement! Elizabeth and I tried to help push it over or wiggle it out. It didn't work. That's as far as they got before it was time for Aiden and Liam to go home.
 This morning Jeremy and Josiah went back out and kept digging. The post went down a foot or so beyond the cement.
 Jeremy was finally able to lift it out. Josiah was proud to stand in the hole.
Mission accomplished!

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