Monday, July 16, 2012

Shorebirds in Style

 One of Jeremy's clients has luxury suite box seats at the Shorebirds stadium here in town. They offered us as many tickets as we wanted for a game and we took them up on the offer! It was our family, Janell's family, Mom and Dad, Laura and Matt and Chrissy. The seats were outside, but inside the air conditioned suite was a kitchenette, sofa, TV, coloring books, crayons and a bathroom. It was a great way to watch a ball game. I was busy keeping track of kiddos outside. Janell and Jeff took up duty inside. The children were up and down and in and out constantly! I think we made some fun memories though.

Renee and Anna are best of friends.

Every time the music started Anna clapped along.

Just to prove we really had a suite! It was really hot. The air conditioning was very nice.

Sherman visited the suite to cool off. Aliza was excited to meet him. When he left the room, Aliza watched him leave and said, "Ahhh. He is a beauty!"

Josiah was not into Sherman.

Josiah was very much into the food. Ice cream and chicken strips and french fries.

After the game children can run the bases. Aliza decided that she wanted to do that until she got on the field. Jeremy bribed her with a drink (that she had been begging for) and she did it.

Running from 2nd to 3rd. I cheered for her and she heard me. Later she was adamant that I should NOT cheer for her next time.

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