Wednesday, December 5, 2012


 I'm pretty sure we decorated in record time tonight. Aliza and Josiah knew what we were doing and they were sure excited to DO it!

Anna promptly started singing Happy Birthday when she saw the lights. She will be the one rearranging decorations this year. She was busy!
 Josiah grabbed all of the nativity characters and stock piled them beside him. This did not make Aliza happy. He was also very excited to put his dump truck decoration (from Chrissy) on the tree.
 Aliza was so excited she could not contain herself...literally. I hope that she pursues some sort of supervisory position some day. She'd like to manage our house hold at this point in her life!! =)
 She determined which decorations were hers and put them in a lovely clump in the middle of the tree.
 It's all good. Christmas is most beautiful through the eyes of children.

The tree got decorated so quickly because our traditional Christmas Kisses were waiting and they could hardly wait to get their hands on them. In fact, I had them up high and Josiah came out carrying the tray. No fancy presentation. They didn't care! We all love these treats and enjoyed them while watching a Charlie Brown Christmas movie.
 During the movie, Anna was getting tired to the point that the only thing she wanted to do was jump from the chair onto the couch. I took her up to bed and tucked her in. When the movie was over we head her calling for Daddy and quickly realized the sound was coming from the top of the steps not from her room. Yup. She figured out how to climb out of the crib. There's a video on facebook. I'm not ready for her to be unconfined in a big bed!

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