Monday, December 17, 2012

It's Been A Week

I spent several days in the kitchen last week baking cookies to give for gifts. The ones that were left are almost gone. It's not quite Christmas and I don't feel like making more!

When we got home Saturday evening, he and Aliza went straight upstairs and started playing in Josiah's room. They eventually cleaned up Josiah's whole room. It was so lovely that we couldn't even break it up to tuck them in bed. We just let them play. Josiah is at a growing up point where he gets to learn to make good choices. That makes parenting intense at the point!

Josiah is now officially a part of the Minecraft family tradition.

Aliza and Josiah made nativity scenes using a heavy whipping cream container. We had the scene to copy from Aliza's curriculum. I thought it was a neat craft.

Anna and Renee. Anna asks for Renee multiple times every day. This is how they sit to watch Caillou after lunch....or to finish their lunch. Since Renee calls me Carla, Anna also calls me Carla frequently. When Janell drove in to pick up her girls today, Anna started calling her Mommy and looking at me saying Carla. Silly girl! She knows who her Mama is!

We are looking forward to Christmas break. In the meantime Aliza is doing a really neat "extra" reading unit. It is one that takes more effort and planning for me. I'm counting on it being well worth the effort!

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