Thursday, December 6, 2012

Stone Soup

 Over the last 3 days Aliza has read a play of Stone Soup in her reading lessons. It was only fitting to have stone soup for supper tonight. I've been hearing from others, who were traditionally educated, that they also made stone soup in first grade. That makes me feel like we are right on target!

Now Aliza has very literal interpretation of projects so there was no skipping the stone. She and Anna gathered up three stones. I told her they had to be big stones--not gravel out of the driveway!

It was Josiah that helped me with the preparation. We scrubbed the stones.
Just the proof that, in fact, I did cook soup with stones in the bottom of the pot.
 Josiah cut 3 potatoes into bite sized pieces. It was hard work. He had to really stick with it! I LOVE the pampered chef safe cutter. That is a worthwhile purchase for any child that desperately wants to help in the kitchen.
 Our stone soup and hot buns as dictated by the story!

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