Friday, February 15, 2013

Doughnuts and Hearts

 We sure had a fun-filled day of hearts and love and doughnuts. The morning started with a surprise in the mailboxes which they ate for breakfast, to my dismay. Then it was off to Bible study. There was a treat bag for each of the children which they promptly opened and devoured. I had the noble plan of packing sandwiches to eat on our way to my Mom's house, however we were out of bread so I bought McDonalds. I have no idea how we survived yesterday...our diets were terrible!!

The agenda at Mom's included making doughnuts. This was my Mom's first attempt at doughnut making. They turned out well and the children had fun glazing and sprinkling them!
Grandad made valentine hearts for the children. I thought it was cute that Ezra's heart was as big as he is, however Ezra was not the least bit interested in picture taking.

 Josiah approved.

 This was a fast and furious process!
 Josiah took it very seriously.

 Renee enjoyed playing IN the sprinkles. She also deliberately refused to smile.
 Then it was home for our traiditional heart supper. Josiah spent the meal putting his Lego car together.
Anna ate some and then was back to the candy! Tomorrow I'm hiding all the candy!

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