Monday, February 18, 2013


 I've known for quite a while that when it was time to move Anna out of the crib I wanted a trundle bed for the girls room. About a month ago I inquired about one on craigslist that my sister had shown me in December. It was still available so I got a great deal on the wicker day bed, the trundle bed and 2 mattresses. I wasn't especially looking for even a day bed and wicker isn't exactly my first choice, but the price was right so I just went with it.

Yesterday was the big day. I began prepping Aliza for the change from the moment we bought it. It was stored at my parents so when we picked it up we also dropped off the children for the afternoon. Aliza had planned to come home with us to "help" ,er, "supervise", but she decided to stay with Grandma and that made me practically giddy!

Jeremy and I worked very well together and the whole process of moving dressers and putting together beds went very smoothly. I even thought, "we will be just fine alone when our children grow up." 
Aliza sleeps on the trundle bed since Anna still takes an afternoon nap. But Anna tried out Aliza's bed. She looks awful little on such a big bed!

After we had everything arranged, Jeremy and I took a video to show Aliza. That was a brilliant idea. She watched the video over and over and was excited by the time we got home. There were no tears or drama.

The drama was at bedtime. Oh heavens! It was 10:45 until the girls fell asleep! I had a massive headache by that time. Anna slept late this morning (I woke her up at 9:00) and at nap time she was utterly exhausted. It took a couple re-directions, but she did get to sleep on her own. Now tonight...they are still awake, but it is a lot quieter. Jeremy has himself stationed in their room. Me? I'm hiding. I want no part in it tonight. My patience level is below zero!

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