Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Pretty Near Perfect

 If only every day could be like yesterday. The sun was warm. The breeze was chilly, but there wasn't much breeze at all. Everyone was so excited to be outside and comfortable that we were outside almost all day. Today it was rainy and cold...

The morning started off with Janell and I swapping babysitting. She had a breakfast with her employees and I got a coffee break and a second to sit by Jeremy in Starbucks. (We said, Happy Valentines Day to us.)

 Aliza has a favorite Little Golden Books called Little Mommy. She uses it as a guide on how to care for her dolls and yesterday was a day that she wanted to complete the task on every page. While I was home she got to the washing clothes page and wanted a laundry line. I blew her off. Then it was Aunt Janell's turn for child care...
...and when I came home there was a laundry line on my front porch with dolls clothes hanging out to dry that Aliza had hand washed in a basin of water.
 A picnic lunch had also been set in motion. After lunch we took a walk. I had some caffeine in me and it was just lovely. I think I may need to include caffeine as a regular part of my diet.
 After quiet time my children headed back out. Now it was time for Aliza's "children" to have tea on the front porch. Josiah soon got in on the fun with mud pies for his trucks. I was quite thrilled to have them outside as I could move freely around the house picking up in relative peace and quiet. Granted, they came dashing in every few minutes wanting some other something for their tea parties.
 Josiah's plates kept blowing so he soon moved up on the porch. By this time they needed pink lemonade and Aliza joined Josiah's party. I must say he was an excellent host.
 Anna took care of her doll too. Aliza and Josiah were busy keeping Anna busy so that she didn't infringe on their play.
 Josiah's trucks got cold.
 By now, Aliza and Josiah were ready for raspberry sherbet and Anna got the mud pie. That kept her busy!
 Aliza's tea party was quite proper.
 Josiah and his guests rested.
Then they carried everything in and I washed all the blankets! Aliza had school in the evening and we called it a day.

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