Sunday, February 24, 2013

Project Weekend

 Last summer when we went out to Michigan a couple of my aunts and cousins dreamed up the idea of a Project Weekend. A weekend when the ladies of the family would be invited to get together to work on whatever project they wanted to or to just relax and visit. This was the weekend our dream came true!

The morning I left Aliza made me an emergency kit based on what she had learned the previous day about a hurricane preparedness kit. She gathered up so many things including band aids, cotton balls, cloths pins (in case there was a bad smell!), craft sticks for tongue depressors (in case our throat hurt), candy (nonperishable food), a water bottle, and her Spanish flashcards (the best thing she could think of for entertainment). She also wrote me a card and drew pictures of me doing something with each person in the family--complete with a heart on each paper and XOXO. There were lots and lots of hugs and tears when it was time for me to leave.

There was a lot of scrapbooking, but there were also some sewing projects and other paper projects. Katelyn was the youngest attendee and she was also the photographer. Aliza will love it when she is old enough to come along. The criteria for attendance is that one must be able to entertain themselves with a project for a period of time with minimal supervision.

 It was really fun to spend that much time with some of my aunts and cousins. We drove 6 hours and another aunt and cousin came from Michigan--a 9 hour drive! That's the effort it takes when we live far away. This is only a fraction of my aunts and cousins! My Mom and sisters and I stayed in a (very nice) hunting cabin. It was fun to be with Linda since she lives out of state now.  I enjoyed being away, but I was ready to see my family when I got home!
After running out, barefoot, in the cold to greet me Aliza, Josiah and Anna wanted to see what I had added to their scrapbook. All 3 of them carefully looked at every page. That was the icing on a great weekend.

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Diller's said...

So glad we got to spend the weekend with you!! Had a fabulous time and can't wait until the next time we are together!!