Sunday, September 8, 2013

A Joel and Brandi Weekend

Jeremy's family came to visit us this weekend and on the agenda was a trip to the Cove. Aliza reminded me that last year it rained when Joel and Brandi were here. This year it was warm and sunny, but just cool enough that I did not want to be in the water! Brandi and I left the water play for the Daddy and the Uncle. We had no trouble spotting the Daddy and Uncle in their bright green shorts!

There were only a few people on the beach. It wasn't long before each child had their own sand castle hole. It worked better that way. No more fights or tears over crushed castles.

Daddy makes a sand castle...
...and Anna squashes it. Over and over.
When Anna got cold, she curled up beside Brandi.
Before church, we got homemade ice cream at Chesapeake Bay Dairy. This place is absolutely amazing and delicious. It's as good as The Island Creamery--without the lines! I love the Blueberry Crumble ice cream. Plus they have cow benches to sit on and that's just too fun.
Josiah had lots of man time with Joel and his Daddy. He was so sad when Joel went home today. There were sad tears after they drove away. Anna wants Brandi to do everything for her instead of Mommy including blowing her food to cool it, change her diaper, put on her shoes and lay with her at night while she falls asleep. I've got lucky kids to have so many wonderful aunts and uncles.

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