Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Kindergarten Round Two

Lesson 9 did not disappoint as one of the most fun lessons in kindergarten. Fireman hats, a lesson from a firefighter on how he gets dressed, drawing a fire engine and writing a sentence and finally, making fire engine snacks. To make it even better, Josiah did not remember making these snacks with Aliza two years ago.
 Gotta love the "cheese" smile! He worked hard on his fire engine snacks. Josiah made ladder trucks and pumper trucks and fire chief trucks.
 Everyone got in on the fun.
 This one ate more frosting than anything else.
And then there's 2nd grade...
On this day, Aliza was introduced to a thesaurus and how to use it. She enjoys using a dictionary and was completely horrified that there had to be two resources to use for writing. She has continued in this thought pattern...every time she sees the word thesaurus on her worktext page she scribbles it out with her pencil. English in not her thing right now. History and science are her preferred subjects. 

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