Monday, September 2, 2013

Joy Dare::August

I just started reading One Thousand Gifts by Ann Voscamp (the book which popularized this Joy Dare challenge) for the 3rd time. I never read a book a second time. This book, though, I can't seem to get enough of. I want it's message to become ingrained in my heart and life. If you haven't read it, at least once, you really must! 

625. A sparkling clean refrigerator
626. Professional advice
627. Dinner date with Aliza
628. Lots of time to read while waiting
629. Anna saw a rainbow for the first time and exclaimed
630. 10am children playing together so I can tackle a big project
631. 1pm the second attempt at big project was successful
632. 10pm changed heart and renewed spirit
633. Celebrating Mom's (60th) birthday with the whole family
634. An evening with Josiah
635. Text conversation
636. A beautiful afternoon playing outside
637. New library books--even one for me!
638. Aliza so excited to decorate folders for school
639. Chrissy at the library with us so I could "parent" at the check out counter
640. Silence after bedtime
641. "I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me." Philippians 4:13
642. The hope of a new day and a new start.
643. Seeing Jeremy's uncles and cousin who we haven't seen in many years
644. Lots of driving, but I was alone with Jeremy
645. My parents who welcomed me into their lives with they hearts full of love
646. We can go places for the weekend because Jeremy can work while I drive
647. Tears
648. Arriving at our destination
649. Family reunion
650. Making the extra stop to see a Great Aunt
651. Being brave to go on his first ride
652. Fun at the amusement park
653. Doctors and nurses to take care of Mom
654. Seeing Dad at the hospital so tired he's falling asleep standing up but not quite ready to leave Mom's side
655. Friends to let us crash at their house for the weekend
656. Organizing for school
657. Mom resting at home
658. Everyone helping with school prep
659. Live streaming
660. No electricity means we are unplugged and spent the afternoon outside on a blanket with Legos, books and snacks
661. Aliza so excited for her first day of 2nd grade
662. New routine
663. Listening to tap shoes click on the floor
664. Crazy beautiful weather
665. Sitting with my Mom and Gramma--each of us doing needlework
666. Our big backyard
667. A day to be outside
668. Jeremy's sermon
669. Listening to Aliza, Jeremy and Josiah play
670. Intentionally making time for prayer
671. Freedom to choose the method by which my children are educated
672. Hayrides and cherry tomatoes and fish and tractors. All at Grandma's house today.
673. Josiah is bearing poison ivy well. He has complained very little.
674. First day of kindergarten went smoothly.
675. Pretty napkins
676. Had many opportunities to practice self control today
677. Evening out on a day I really needed it
678. Scones and tea made just for me
679. Talk time with Jeremy
680. Cooperative attitudes
681. Meghan helped me clean for company tonight. So very thankful.
682. Forgiveness expressed
683. Time at the park
684. The children met their 2nd cousin on the Heslop side. He's a lot older than them but they had fun playing soccer with Addison
685. Ice cream after church
686. Spoiling my nieces while everyone helps Jeff and Janell move
687. Steamed shrimp for dinner
688. Being happy for my sister
689. My brother's phone call
690. Jeremy stayed home for an extra hour so I could grocery shop alone
691. Josiah interacting with a little girl at the library with Down's Syndrome
692. The feeling of accomplishment when schoolwork is finished
693. Aliza dancing in the backyard "meadow"
694. Anna so pleased with herself in figuring out a "clap, tap" rhythm and teaching it to me
695. Corn in the freezer
696. In the shop with Josiah. Listening to him chatter. Watching him move around like he owns the space
697. Hearing about a friend's mission trip to Haiti
698. A sister who understands my oddities
699. Just the right song on the radio
700. A kitchen just big enough for 3 chairs at the counter for helpers
701. Being home when someone needed help and a prayer
702. Everything about Laura's shower--the work, the food, the company and the clean up

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