Thursday, September 12, 2013

Some Fun

Have you ever seen these pictures that are covered in black stuff and you scrape it off to find the picture? Totally addicting. Aliza and Josiah worked really hard on theirs and I spent an unspecified amount of time on one myself. It was fun! Mindless! And something ridiculously rewarding about uncovering the color.
My children have not been to the mall in a very very long time. I can't remember the last time. At least a year. I had a couple things I needed to do at the mall and Mom could meet us so we made it an event. It was fun to do something completely different. We had lunch at Chick-Fil-A complete with balloons. You've never seen three children so excited about balloons (and so sad when said balloon floated into the sky late this afternoon). Then Grandma sprung for a couple rides.

Anna wanted to ride, but only with Grandma. =)
Josiah declared there was nothing fun to do at the mall. (The play area was temporarily closed). Anna was exclaiming over pretty dresses. When she saw a male mannequin that was dressed in something her Daddy would wear she ran over and hugged its leg and gave it a kiss--just like she hugs her Daddy.

After my 3 necessary pieces of business everyone was a little squirrely and it was time to get out of there before anything disastrous happened. Josiah was moaning, loudly enough, that his "feet were running out of battery" and he was going to stop walking at any second. He did, somehow, manage to make it to the car!

I'll be perfectly happy if it's another year, or 2, until I have another mall adventure with this gang!

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