Wednesday, September 18, 2013

New Routines

I am very pleased that we are able to participate in Community Bible Study again this year. There was question as to whether there would be enough elementary aged children to have a primary class. Aliza is so excited about her very own class. I am not allowed to set foot over the doorway of her class--which is perfectly fine with me! She has homework to do which follows the adult lessons. We are studying the book of Genesis this year. Aliza has her desk all set up. Her homework is her responsibility. I won't remind her or nag her to do it. Last week she had it done early and enjoyed sharing all of her answers with me.

This week I helped in the children's class. The project involved ink and stamps. Anna thoroughly enjoyed the ink. It as all.over.her.
Josiah is the oldest in the class by a solid year. He takes his Legos to play with and he still hates when I leave him. I was happy to see him being a good listener and answering questions today.
Aliza also has dance class on Bible Study day. It's a quick transition that sortof leaves my head spinning! On these nice days Aliza likes to teach Josiah, Anna and I jazz sequences in the yard.

This is great way to live life. I love having them at home. They are learning so many things. Josiah received a new reader today and I was so excited to see improvement from last week. Learning to read is a slow process of baby steps.

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