Sunday, September 1, 2013

A Bridal Shower Tea

Laura's bridal shower tea was a huge success. We prepared for 17 guests which is the largest tea I have been involved in. Somehow I managed to drop the ball on taking pictures of people, but I can show you a bunch of food!

Aliza is the lucky oldest niece to have attended all of her aunt's bridal showers. (Now that I think about it...maybe not Janell's. I can't remember!) This time she was a helper in the kitchen. Her first job was to put a white chocolate chip inside each raspberry. Please note for future reference that this is a VERY yummy treat!
Aliza also helped to set the table.
 Janell arrived with to decorate. Mom had a some fresh flowers, but Janell had no concept of what she was going to do with them. With a little of this and a little of that and in almost no time at all--there were beautiful centerpieces on the table.
 Laura and her friends arrived and there were all sorts of exclamations from Laura about how perfect everything was and how amazing her family is. Given what we did, I think it's fair to say we think Laura is pretty amazing too!

First off. Soup. Butternut squash or Roasted Red Pepper.
 Salad. Laura made homemade croutons for us. Yum.
Sandwiches. Cucumber on white, Chicken salad with sunflower seeds and diced apple on whole grain tortilla, ham and swiss on rye and cheddar and apple on wheat.
Scones and clotted cream. Plain and Raspberry White Chocolate Chip. I made the scones and cream.
Finally, dessert. We had Linda's chocolate chip cookies, individual cheesecake in little crystal punch glasses, fruit cups and mini s'more cupcakes. I found this arrangement on pinterest and it worked out! I asked Gramma if she had a blingy brooch. She had one that was just perfect! Aliza carefully (one-by-one) arranged the raspberries around the dress.

Time for presents! Each gift was so thoughtful and generous. I did not disappoint with my gift. (Unfortunately it would not be an appropriate picture.) Laura's almost mother-in-law gave her a recipe book in which she had written some of her son's favorite recipes. Meghan and I think we are going to tuck this idea away for future reference. What a sweet idea!

And then, just like that, it was over! Laura, Linda and their friends, went to Ocean City and us *older* sisters cleaned up! It's all good. I was tired by the time the party started from 3 hours of solid food preparation. Aliza LOVED being with me all day. She begged me to sit down and hold her at the end of the day. I did and soon convinced her lay beside me on the couch so I could close my eyes. I think she almost fell asleep too.

The last one of us sisters to get married...that means that next bridal shower will be for the next generation? Maybe Aliza!!? Crazy thought.

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