Thursday, August 29, 2013

Tomorrow's a New Day

You know, today wasn't my best day. Aliza said I was mean and grumpy. I didn't mean to be; I thought maybe some children around here could behave a little better and make me happier. We certainly had our moments and just when I thought that everything was winding down...I had to clean up a mess. Little Miss Independent (that would be Anna) went downstairs--after the lights were turned out--and helped herself to a cupcake. That was all fine and dandy until I had to go downstairs after everyone was asleep and stepped on the open container of remaining cupcakes that was placed on the bottom step of the dark stairs. Frosting everywhere. Cleaning up, yet another, mess was that last thing I wanted to do at 9:30pm.

Yesterday, however, we got to cancel school to freeze corn. Forget Labor Day and snow days, we cancel school to WORK!! Ah well. It was good work. I had imagined a whole lot more than one wheelbarrow full of corn so the work wasn't as long as I had planned on.
Plus we had good helpers. The corn was lovely, but there was a worm on the top of just about every cob. Not a big deal except to Anna, who exclaimed "caterpillar" whenever she saw one and threw the cob away from her. 
Josiah said, "Hey, this looks like popcorn on a stick!"

There's nothing like a huge bowl of corn freshly cut from the cob.
Neither my Dad or Grandad were home yesterday so I spent some time in the shop with Josiah. I'm glad I did. He walked around like he owned the place. He decided he was going to build a house. So he moved some wood around.
The he went to find nails and a hammer. He knew where to find both.
Then he set to work pounding nails in the boards. The first nails were too short so he went back to find longer ones. Hopefully my Grandad grinned when he found the remnants of Josiah in his shop!
I'm sure looking forward to a new day tomorrow!

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