Thursday, August 1, 2013

Joy Dare::July

539. On the porch just listening to the rain
540. Presence of mind during the tornado warning
541. PLENTY of rain so far this summer!
542. "Hospitality is Life with no Gates. Hospitality means if there is room in the heart--there is always room in the house." Ann Voscamp
543. An acquaintance becomes a friend because of a common experience.
544. Aliza requested a talk alone to tell me what I'd done wrong--she was right. And she forgave me.
545. Visited Judy the day she was making homemade ice cream (and she gave us samples)
546. 4th of July Parade
547. A smooth and quick trip to WV
548. Patience to help Aliza face fears
549. Josiah and Aliza on my lap in the car during fireworks
550. Time with Jeremy
551. Finding some great deals on clothes for Jeremy
552. Daughters cheering for Daddy to dive into the pool over and over
553. Birthday dessert--whoopie pie cake
554. My Daddy called just to tell me Happy Birthday
555. My Grandad picked out kitchen hand towels for me. Just what I needed!
556. My blog in a book
557. Josiah's gator to help me finish a big job
558. Supper with a friend who is now happily married
559. Colored tongues from popsicles
560.  Reading Beatrix Potter stories
561. Sitting around the a table with ladies--chatting and cutting
562. Corn fields lush and flourishing
563. Deepening friendship
564. Fresh on the table tonight--corn on the cob, cucumber, string beans, zucchini and squash
565. Time at my Mom's house today
566. Listening to Josiah play farm
567. Jeremy and Aliza dancing
568. Going over to play with cousins on a rainy morning
569. Making time to do a scrapbook layout this afternoon
570. Curls in little girl hair
571. A little bit of one on one time with my niece
572. A whole day--alone--with Jeremy
573. Side by side time on the golf course
574. Grandparents to keep our children overnight
575. Wants to be just like big brother
576. Water fun play date
577. So happy to see my kiddos this morning
578. All of us on the floor building with Legos
579. A slow, low key morning
580. Beach at sunset
581. Light peeking around dark clouds
582. Spending the evening with Laura and John
583. Reading time with Great Gramma
584. Original song lyrics ("Oh God, we believe. Oh God, we believe you're the only one I need. Oh God, you have us your only Son today. The fish and the birds you created. Oh God, we believe. Oh God, we love today.")
585. Cousins loudly running around inside--happy to play together. (inside because it's plain old too hot to be outside)
586. Afternoon vacation at the Spyglass Quay beach house
587. Water to play in
588. A child's innocent fearlessness
589. Moments when Anna seems so grown up and moments when she still feels like a baby
590. Morning smiles
591. Picking blueberries
592. Lessons learned in making gratitude a lifestyle
593. My very wide awake little girl--way too late at night
594. Amazing Race date
595. Blueberry crumb bars and vanilla ice cream after Sunday evening chef salad
596. Sorting
597. Children quite happy and content today
598. American Girl movie "Saige" with my big girl
599. Learning some new signs from a relative who is fluent in American Sign Language
600. Josiah now dunks his head and jumps in the pool with a noodle--growing up
601. A lovely evening for visiting outside
602. Chips served in glass dishes--that would be my Gramma!
603. Making ants on a log
604. Another front tooth missing (selfie by Aliza)
605. Cooler temperatures and no humidity!
606. A beautiful yellow butterfly fluttering by
607. Praying for a friend having radioactive iodine treatment
608. Girl weekend
609. Spontaneous purchase at the Lego store
610. Dinner and visit with my Great Aunt and Uncle
611. Some sister time with Linda
612. Scrapbook shopping and a scrapbook class--so much fun!
613. Choosing to relax and scrapbook all evening long!!
616. Awesome Minecraft Legos
617. Temperature perfect for taking walks and riding bikes
618. Everyone ate supper and held normal conversation
619. Watched Aliza kindly handle a difficult social situation
620. Sand angels
621. A situation I've been uncomfortable with completely taken care of
622. Rocking and singing to Anna before her nap
623. 3 on the Gator means that Jeremy and I can hold hands while we walk
624. All 3 asleep at 9:00pm

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