Monday, August 26, 2013

It was a Big Day for Everyone

I got to spend ALL DAY yesterday making every effort to spoil my nieces while the rest of the adults in the family helped Jeff and Janell move into their new house. Ice cream at 10am--check! Renee did not think I was spoiling her when it was time for her to take a nap. It was her loss...I would have been more than happy to cuddle and snuggle for as long as she wanted. I did manage to get all 3 little girls to sleep at the same time.

At 6:15pm it was time to take Renee and Lydia to their brand new house!

Everything went pretty smoothly all day (except for Aliza and Renee having constant power struggles...oldest girls...) until the end of the day when Anna went to my parent's bedroom and squeezed a tube a desitin all over the floor. Scrubbing the floor vigorously with a dry cloth did the trick. Unless it managed to reappear, I don't think Mom could tell where it was.

My sister's house is all clean and new and nice and pretty. The children had fun exploring and, honestly, I plopped down on the couch. I was quite tuckered out. Jeremy was also on the couch--asleep. He had been moving boxes and assembling a dresser during those 9 hours I watched children. I don't remember why I went upstairs to check on the girls. It was an unfortunate decision. Anna had a non-washable crayon in her hand and no paper in sight. I started looking around and, to my dismay, there was crayon on the door and on the wall and on the wall ALL THE WAY DOWN THE STAIRS. I tried to wash it off to no avail. I threw away the crayon and locked the bathroom door and sobbed. A very bad way to end the day.

I did manage to get it together to go out to dinner with everyone. My steamed shrimp were most excellent. I sat behind the table against the wall. Jeremy chased Anna during dinner. Thankfully The Crusty Crab (restaurant, not Sponge Bob character) is very laid back and informal.

When we finally arrived home at almost 10pm my bed was a most welcome sight.

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