Friday, August 2, 2013

My Dinner Date

Aliza has been begging me to take her to Panera for broccoli soup--alone. Tonight was the night. It didn't matter how I was feeling or that I have my Mom's birthday cake on the counter waiting for me to decorate. I just knew I needed to be all there with my girl.

Aliza insisted this was a very special date and we needed to wear dresses. I thought I might get away with black capris, but I was informed it had to be a dress and Aliza picked it out. She knew exactly which dress she wanted me to wear.

She chattered the whole evening. I finished my salad long before she finished her soup. I was listening. She was talking. We browsed Barnes and Noble. We both agreed there were LOTS of books we wanted to buy, but we didn't buy anything this time. (A good lesson, I thought!) The fact that there were girl Legos in Barnes and Noble didn't make it easy! We finished off the evening with dessert at Tutti Frutti.

On the way home Aliza said, "Mommy, I really wish you would put more effort in learning to play Minecraft. It would be so fun to play with you." She managed to phrase that statement in a way that has got me thinking. I have no desire to play Minecraft. It will be practically torturous to learn. I do, however, desire to connect with my family and this is where they are at and what they connect over so it looks like I better get on the ball. Aliza achieved King status in Tale of Kingdoms mod today. You should have seen her and Josiah celebrate. They were whooping and hollering and hugging and jumping. Josiah was so excited for Aliza. It was pretty special to witness that sibling bond.

Aliza and I have a pretty special bond too. That's why I took her out tonight. To invest in our bond and make some relationship deposits in the teenage years account.

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