Monday, August 19, 2013

Hayride, Cherry Tomatoes, Fish and Tractors.

Great Grandad had all sorts of ideas for fun today. It started with a "hayride." Everyone loved that. It was cute to hear Anna tell her Daddy about the hayride when he got home for supper.

The boys picked cherry tomatoes. I have never seen tomato plants this tall!
Gideon reached up high!
Caleb giving Aunt Carla the obligatory smile. By this time Josiah had gotten hot and his poison ivy was bothering him. In every picture he was scratching a different spot and by this one he had just collapsed on the ground. (Drama is not confined to the female gender!!)
The boys came in and had the genius idea to sell their tomatoes. Josiah was selling the yellow ones for $5.00 a piece and the red ones for $1.00. Lucky for Grandma and Great Gramma he does not yet have an accurate concept of money.
Great Gramma happily bought produce from her husband's garden. haha.
My Dad has been in Florida all week for a conference. He took an extra day to go fishing. They boys were excited to see his catch. Gideon informed me that this is the way he "always poses" and that his Mom approves.
I was more than a little surprised to look out the window and see Josiah not just riding on the tractor but DRIVING the tractor. Despite his infatuation with tractors he has never agreed to ride on the tractor while it is running. I believe he would have driven that tractor for hours if he could have.
Aliza got a turn too.
After all that fun, it was completely predicable that Josiah would fall asleep on the way home. In fact, it was hard to wake him up. He was sound asleep!
That's it! Summer's over. I've promised Aliza and Josiah that tomorrow is school.

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