Friday, August 16, 2013

Crazy Beautiful Days

I managed to pick the most beautiful days of the summer to start Aliza in school. Today school got kicked to the curb so we could be outside all day long. That wasn't my intention at the beginning of the day, but all 3 children went outside first thing and were playing together so nicely I just couldn't bring myself to drag Aliza in. That's the beauty of this life of home education, we can take full advantage of beautiful weather. Let's talk more about school next week...

Today there was hiking and "camping" on the "hill". Most likely 1 or 3 will have an outbreak of poison ivy...but today they had tons of fun.
When it got warm, we put a blanket in the shade and read library books. Aliza is mad here because I took a picture instead of instantly starting the next book.

Legos were on hand.
And a picnic lunch was in order.
We took a walk later in the afternoon that turned out to be completely unenjoyable. Josiah was most out of sorts. So much so that he, loudly, declared he did not have enough muscles to drive his Gator. Really, child??! It was dreadful and I was most relieved when we were back on our property and out of ear shot of most of the neighbors. haha.

Tonight we decided to head downtown for 3rd Friday festivities. We didn't stay long, but it's fun to walk the street. Rita's afterwards was a hit!
I'm ready for a relatively uneventful weekend before we hit school for real next week.

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