Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Before Knoebels

 The first part of our crazy busy Saturday was my mother-in-laws family reunion. There is something unique about this family reunion though. It's my family too--and not by marriage. This couple that I'm talking to, Marvin and Eunice, Jeremy and I are both related to. Marvin is Jeremy's Great Uncle and Eunice is my Great Aunt. Crazy, huh? I remember the moment I realized this at a Sheats reunion while I was dating Jeremy and asking my Dad is Jeremy was still "ok"? Jeremy and I both have some pretty conservative Mennonite culture in our lineage.

Not 10 seconds after we arrive Anna is attached to Brandi and we are getting a family picture. Do you know "Mennonite" children are really quiet? Mine aren't.
I do, however, have THE BEST sister-in-law. I'm so glad Joel has such good taste. Bless her heart...Brandi is 11 years younger than me and doesn't even try to make me feel old. =)
 There was a treasure hunt for the children and it was a great way to get them to play together.
 The clues led to them to each of the 4 siblings in the eldest generation.
 This is the youngest and only sister, Elizabeth Mae.

 At the end there was a bag of candy and prizes for each child. Aliza and Josiah loved the treasure hunt!
 A family reunion would not be complete without volleyball.
 Josiah and his Great Uncle Darryl. They sat and talked.
 And then explored the stream.
 Then because the day certainly wasn't full enough I decided we needed to travel the extra 6 miles to see another one of my Great Aunts. Abe and Mary live on Widermere Farms and breed Clydesdale horses. Abe was out in the field, but Mary and Linda Sue (I believe she would be a first cousin once removed to me) took us to the barn and we met Moose, the world champion stallion. We also met the team of oxen that Abe is breaking. Aliza is scared to death of animals right now so she wanted no part in any of the visit. I'm glad we stopped anyway.

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Christie said...

What fabulous memories! Love the family history too :)