Thursday, August 22, 2013

First Days

It almost felt like a miracle. Aliza and Josiah were both completely finished with school by 1:00. That's what I've been working towards and hope to accomplish more often than not this year.

Josiah is doing great with kindergarten. I really wasn't sure how it would go, but he has been cooperative and sticks with his work until it is finished. He is going to do just fine this year. It's going to be really fun to watch him learn. He was really proud of himself for writing his name on his paper today. He is not starting "ahead of the game" in kindergarten so I know I will see a lot of growth and improvement in his skills.

Sometimes Anna likes to listen to Josiah's lessons.
Aliza could hardly wait to start 2nd grade, however, I don't think either one of us realized the growing pains we would quickly encounter. The expectations for 2nd graders are a lot higher than in 1st grade. It's nothing that she can't handle...she's just not sure she wants to! Today we had a much better day and I think she may be seeing the benefit of sticking with her work and getting it done even if it's not "fun".  One new thing is that Aliza is expected to pause the lesson and read her textbook for history and science. Her reading spot is in the rocking chair.
This lifestyle of home education is not the easy road, for sure. I'm still at the stage of adjustment to a new workload that I feel like all I do is run in circles all day. But we're happy and content and joyful through it. I wouldn't trade this hard stuff for any alternative.

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