Monday, August 5, 2013

Mom's (60th!) Birthday

 A birthday party is a good excuse to grab some informal family pictures. The whole family was together which was pretty exciting. You can only imagine trying to these 8 to all look at the camera at the same time. Jeremy took 75 pictures in rapid succession.
Funny faces...
 I think this one is about the best. Lydia's mouth is above the rail. It strikes me funny that my children are leaning through the rail and the others are standing nicely. Caleb had the extra responsibility of hanging on to Ezra. Anyway...there they are....the 8 grandchildren.
 Here we are...the 5 children. My brother can still reach around all 4 of his sisters.
 I don't know what this is about. Did we do this at Brian's wedding? I know Janell and Brian have a thing about Janell being about to hold him. Anyway, I had him awkwardly under the arm and used it to my full advantage after the picture. He wasn't sure if it was me or Janell tickling him.
 Now with our parents. We behave beautifully for our parents....always have...haha.
 The whole Earl Sheats family. And, I believe, everyone is looking in the direction of the camera.
 Josiah was particularly excited to give his present to Grandma. He cut pieces of tissue paper to cover his present. He wanted the tissue paper to be square with no jagged edges.
 Josiah gave Grandma on of his trucks. A fire engine, I believe.
We had a meal and dessert and an afternoon of visiting together (and me taking a nap with Anna). It is occasions like this that I remember how important family is.

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