Monday, August 12, 2013

Summer Vacation Finale

I'm not sure what possessed me. I filled our day to full and overflowing on Saturday. Family reunion, visiting one of my Great Aunts that lived close to the reunion site and then Knoebles in the evening. Knoebles is an amusement park in the middle-of-nowhere Pennsylvania. There is no admission fee. You buy tickets for rides and the kids rides are .75-$1.25. Since this was a new experience for our family I thought it a safe way to test the amusement park waters. Joel and Brandi were with us along with Billy, Diana and Brayden.

Bottom line:: Everyone had a GREAT time and at 10pm no one was ready to leave. Except for the fact that everyone was utterly exhausted and could hardly drag ourselves to the car!

We checked out the Knoebels website before we went which describes all of the rides. Aliza knew that she wanted to ride the Carousel first. I believe she rode the carousel 4 times during the course of the evening. 
 Anna was attached to Brandi's hip. Literally.

 Bumper cars was the second thing on Aliza's list. Josiah thought he would ride and then he wasn't sure. Aliza LOVED bumper cars.

It wasn't until after supper that Josiah decided to try a car ride...but only if Mommy, and only Mommy, rode with him!
This was also Anna's first ride. Brandi rode with her. And Daddy got back from riding the big rollercoaster with Joel and Billy just in time to see Josiah and Anna ride for the first time. (Aliza was positively terrified about her Daddy riding the roller coaster. We had to leave the area.)


I got to ride with Anna!

Josiah and Aliza loved "driving" cars.

Anna too!

We ended the night with a train ride. I'm not sure how Anna and Joel shared a seat, but they did. Anna totally looks like she could be Joel and Brandi's child. =)
It was great fun and we only scratched the surface of rides at Knoebels. Too bad it is so far away! I will say that it was fun, but it was not relaxing--at all. There were tons of people. I generally had one child up ahead, one holding my hand, and one behind (on Brandi's hip). Of course I knew Brandi was watching Anna, but she's still my girl and I couldn't help continually looking back for her. Phew! It was intense!

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