Friday, July 25, 2014

Around Here This Week

When we visited my Aunt and Uncle in June, Laurie served home canned pickles. I don't usually eat pickles because the sweet/sour juice aggravates my paralyzed vocal cord and I cough and can't breathe. But I thought since they were homemade I would try one. I bit into it and it was my Grandma's pickles. It brought back so many memories of meals around my Grandma's table. Since it didn't make me cough, I HAD to make some. Of course I went to Mom's because she has all the stuff to can. We made 10 pints. It's a super easy recipe.
Wednesday morning we had a Lego disaster. Thankfully it wasn't more than a Lego disaster. Aliza stores her Legos in the top drawer of the girls dresser. She was getting some things out to play with Josiah and Anna wanted to see. Anna pulled on the top drawer and managed to tip the entire dresser. Aliza's trundle bed was pulled out which caught the dresser and, thankfully, no one was hurt. However, the big sets that Aliza's keeps on top of the dresser slid off and shattered. There were lots of tears. Aliza was so sad. Anna felt was an accident. And Josiah just wanted Aliza to play with him. Everyone was crying. It was a rainy day and became a Lego rebuilding day. There's nothing like a good disaster to bring siblings together. We all sat on the floor and helped Aliza. She went step by step through the directions and rebuilt her Cinderella castle first. By lunch time she was having fun. Since Wednesday she has rebuilt both of her large sets and has also rebuilt a lot of her smaller sets. And now she says that it was a good thing that those sets broke.
My little chef. Anna is always helping me in the kitchen. There *may* be times that I try to sneak in the kitchen to make a dessert or a meal by myself! Tonight she was especially impressive. We made zucchini fries. (I'm trying to use lots of zucchini!) I cut the zucchini and tossed them in flour. Anna did the rest. she cracked the eggs for the egg dip. Rolled the zucchini in the egg and then in the bread/cheese mixture and then put them on the baking tray. Some moments she seems SO grown up. I have to remind myself that she is just 3!
I'm starting to get ready for baby. I have 10 weeks left. First on the checklist is to get rid of all the baby girl clothes. Mom helped me today and we came across a few treasures. Like these teeny tiny baby shoes that Aliza wore. Dear me...this being-done-having-children thing is going to take some processing.

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