Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Some Days

Some days it seems that everyone wakes up tired and cranky....even Mommy.

It's the days that the bickering and whining start first thing in the morning and Mommy realizes that staying in the house is not appealing at all. So, against her better judgment, Mommy devises a plan and presents it to her children. One child is excited. One child thinks of something else they'd rather do and starts whining. And the third child thinks of yet something else and starts arguing with second child. Mommy's plan wins and we pile in the car.

The two unagreeable children are in the back seat together and continue to bicker and whine and fight and make everyone else miserable. Mommy is pretty sure she should turn around. But instead we arrive at our destination to follow the clues to a letterbox. We find the spot, but there is no letterbox to be found. (Gas wasted. Fail.)
So we visit Daddy at work. Everyone is happy to walk around holding Daddy's hand while ladies oooh and aaahhh over how much everyone has grown and how wonderful it is that Aliza loves reading this summer.

It's just after 11am when we get back in the car and the whining begins in earnest again for McDonalds. (Oh no. They did not get McDonalds.) We had one more stop to make that did not prove profitable, but they did get a ring pop out of that which held them over until we got home.

There was all manner of Ninja nonsense during lunch and lots of Mommy saying (not altogether kindly) to sit down and eat.

Anna went to bed late last night and woke up extra early this morning, but she's 3 going on 12 so she would not let herself fall asleep for a nap. Cue extra screen time. I took a nap.

The nap didn't help me, to my dismay. Do you know how utterly annoying and taxing it is to listen to bickering and whining? My general approach is to be quiet and ignore because after a while they work it out and play nicely. Which is what happened, but today it only lasted short periods of time and the cycle started again.

And then there was Anna, who didn't nap, and now wants to eat constantly and help with everything because if she is still for more than a nanosecond she will fall asleep. So I'm mopping the floor with the steam mop and she decides that she is going to hold the cord for me. (I need to hold the cord, it's just how I do it.) She does not want me to touch the cord. I comply until she starts standing on the cord and jiggling the cord so that I can't move the steam mop easily. And I yell at her and tell her she must stand right here beside me and walk with me. And then she stands on the cord again (on purpose) and I'm ready to explode.

There's still supper to get ready. There's still a thunderstorm to live through with all of the childhood drama. I don't know if I will survive. Daddy eventually got home after supper and I think if I can just keep breathing I will make it.

Then everyone's in bed. Asleep at last. I'm left with myself and the day and the mistakes I made. I've got two hours to get over all the annoyances because Mommy is going to wake up tomorrow to those three little faces and some how I have to make it a better day. 

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