Friday, July 4, 2014

Life in Pictures

Our highly anticipated community 4th of July parade was rained out today because the effects of Hurricane Arthur were visiting. The parade is the candy-event-of-the-year for my children so they were pretty bummed that we will miss the rescheduled date. Since it's been a rainy kind of day I thought I'd share some of our fun this summer.

Aliza, Josiah and Anna have discovered boogie boards. We were at the beach yesterday as the storm was coming up the coast. It was super windy and our normally very calm beach had decent waves that were almost crashing. The children really enjoyed that. (The pictures are not from yesterday.)

We have finished watching another season of Amazing Race. This map has been fun to use to track the race. I think I need a race break. Aliza gets so involved in the race--she wants to speculate and talk about it all the time. This time I made the mistake of verbalizing that there was one team that I did not care for. As would be expected, maybe required, that team became Aliza's absolute favorite...and the competition was on!
I'm not sure what it going on in this picture, but I think they are cute kids. =)
Lots of bike riding.
Selfies with Grandma Karen.

Anna during Bible School. Her favorite activity was dressing up. She wore that flower necklace every night and there were a whole bunch of fun sunglasses for try. She also decided, for whatever reason, that it was necessary to wear the green striped Strawberry Shortcake leggings to Bible School just about every night.
So far I can still decide on a daily basis if I want to show the baby bump or hide it. Aliza takes the doll (names Charlotte) we made with her everywhere.
This was a perfectly calm day at the beach.

And just for fun--this is what we are reading these days. Aliza chooses all chapter books. American Girl, fairies and princesses
Josiah chooses Legos and tractors.
Anna picks Barbie and I throw in a couple others for her. I'm sure that the Barbie choice is the effect of having a big sister.
I've ordered schoolbooks, but I'm wondering, Can summer last forever?!

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Christie said...

They are adorable! What great summer memories!