Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Day Trip

This was a first for our family. We took a day trip to Young Life camp where Joel is working for a few weeks this summer and Brandi was visiting him for the weekend. It was a BIG day!

We arrived at camp in time for lunch. Lunch with 400 middle schoolers is a loud experience and Aliza's eyes were pretty big the whole time. Lunch was quesadillas and chips which worked our for all of the children. Aliza loved the quesadillas and Josiah and Anna ate chips.

After lunch we walked around camp and saw all the different activities that campers can participate in during the afternoon free time. A zip line that ended in the bay, a huge swing called The Screamer, kayaking, tubing, sailing, swimming, ropes course, frisbee golf, a gym, game room, rock wall--the possibilities were almost endless.

Of course everyone wanted to see Uncle Joel's "house" so we headed up to his room and changed into swimming attire for the afternoon. We spent a good amount of time at the pool. An ice cream snack where Josiah loved the huge display of animal heads. There were leopards, polar bear, bears among others. Then we spent a good bit of time just watching the swing.
Jeremy and Aliza did a little kayaking.
Then we headed back to the "house" to change for supper. And this is what happened...

...We ALL fell asleep. Aliza and I were on couches in the lobby and I heard some staff talking about going down for supper. We took some groggy children to supper. Supper was pizza and wings and Josiah couldn't even eat. He was still suffering symptoms from a sinus infection and he was so tired he just couldn't eat.

We stayed for the evening Club meeting. There was music, entertainment and then the Club talk. Basically a sermon. The children loved the music, thought the entertainment was scary and Aliza listened pretty well to the talk. The campers were dismissed to the outdoors to spend 10 minutes of quiet time with God. We kept shushing our children, told them to go give Joel a quiet good bye hug and then walked past 400+ kids sitting in the field quiet with God.

The kiddos changed into pajamas and we headed for home and had them tucked in their own bed right after midnight.

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