Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Joy Dare::June

1476. Sidewalk chalk
1477. Listening to the Klove Fan Awards via good old fashioned radio
1478. Labor of love
1479. A glimpse of our healthy baby boy!
1480. Heard from my 8 year old--"I just love how I look today!"
1481. Josiah got to work with his Grandad
1482. Picking peas and another bucket of strawberries
1483. Listening to conversation while shelling peas
1484. Dinner with my mom and sisters
1485. Taking time to read books and hold a 3 year old who just wanted to be rocked
1486. Lovely beach day
1487. Josiah easily rode his bike without training wheels
1488. I'm content with pale white skin because I never want another sunburn like the one I have
1489. Trying new activities like archery, shooting and kayaking
1490. A pregnancy that has allowed me to stay active
1491. Summer activity busyness
1492. Scrapbook time that was so refreshing
1493. Being shown new bicycle tricks
1494. Aliza working so hard and being successful at riding her bike without training wheels
1495. Calling my Mom a whole bunch of times today
1496. Restocked pantry and refrigerator
1497. A neighbor with a Band Aid
1498. Little sister washing big sister's hair
1499. The beach all to ourselves
1500. Father's Day cards
1501. Spending some time with Dad
1502. Looking forward to the weekend like it's vacation
1503. Seeing friends from long ago
1504. Marie modeling to Aliza how to be a good friend
1505. Arriving at Dan and Laurie's with all of us in good spirits
1506. Learning to play new board games
1507. Afternoon visiting and baby holding
1508. Hearing happy laughter and play coming from outside
1509. 4 wheeler, a stream and a campfire
1510. A husband who loves being a Dad
1511. My Dad who is invested and interested in me and my family
1512. Amazing travelers
1513. Knowing an opportunity is not a fit and trusting God for direction to fill the gaps
1514. Leaving with memories made
1515. Bookworm
1516. Everyone on the couch reading or being read to this afternoon
1517. Aliza has gained so much confidence on her bike
1518. Pool party with Community Bible Study
1519. Next thing I knew they were outside in jammies and bare feet catching fireflies
1520. Josiah said, "This is the best life in the whole world!"
1521. A quiet road to ride bikes
1522. The fire siren sounded and everyone continued to play outside. No one came running to me.
1523. Wild black raspberries
1524. First family dinner book club
1525. Joel and Brandi's highly anticipated arrival
1526. A new record--3 bike rides/walk in one day (morning, afternoon and evening)
1527. Rebuilding the Lego Mine
1528. Lazy day at home
1529. New friends
1530. Kids asleep early
1531. A grill delivered to us
1532. Aliza and Josiah had a great first night of Bible School
1533. Mom had help at work today
1534. Boogie boards
1535. Josiah spontaneously thanking his Daddy again for rebuilding his Lego Mine
1536. My Bible School friend
1537. Drenched in a downpour during a bike ride
1538. Provision
1539. Time with Grandma and Grandpa
1540. Slow paced day
1541. As soon as I sit down my lap is filled with a body or two or three
1542. Bible school memories--songs, friends, crafts
1543. Aliza telling Josiah how proud she was of him singing
1544. Anna's recent obsession with dressing herself which leads to memorable fashion designs
1545. Aliza and Josiah learned to play Rummikub.
1546. Family day
1547. Reconnecting conversation
1548. Supper halfway ready for tomorrow night
1549. Christian radio station
1550. Josiah's ability to think of other people

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