Friday, January 20, 2017

It's YOUR Breath

Have you heard this song by One Sonic Society? It's called Great Are You Lord. A video of the song is at the end of this post.

I was humming the chorus while I was getting breakfast this morning. "It's your breath in my lungs so I pour out my praise, pour out my praise to you, Lord."

Isaiah asked for chocolate milk and it's a bit of a production because he thinks that he should help. He wants to pour the chocolate, but I say no. So he wants the lid to the cup instead. I give him the lid and in the process of me holding the cup and him putting the lid on, he got frustrated over who knows what. I tried to get the lid tonight and he managed to swat the cup out of my hand. I'm wasn't a hard hit. I'm not sure how it knocked the cup out of my hand. But it did. And there was a whole cup of milk on the floor.

I kept on humming. The words to the song were not lost in my brain. It's your breath in my lungs..." I found myself singing, "It's your breath in my lungs so I won't scream over spilled milk, I won't scream over spilled over....It's your breath. Great are you Lord."

If it wasn't HIS breath in me my morning would have gotten off to a very bad start. Instead I got a towel. We cleaned up the milk. I poured another glass of milk. And we continued on peacefully.

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