Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Joy Dare::December

3958. Anna is determined to learn to ride bike without anyone touching her bike. She made some progress today.
3959. All Josiah's questions
3960. The first batch of Puppy Chow
3961. My husband and my dad like each other
3962. Seasonal decorating inspires me to dust
3963. I'm glad the kids decided they HAD to ride bikes. The fresh air was great and when Josiah's chain came off, he fixed it himself
3964. Pulled out allll of our Christmas tree ornaments for the first time in 10 years
3965. 4 kids painting=an opportunity to be calm and patient
3966. Lots of decorations and lots of helpers and the tree is festive
3967. Everybody got to hold baby Sean. Josiah had the hardest time giving him up
3968. Movement in the right direction--an answer to prayer
3969. Parenting is always and forever a learning process
3970. Rainy day and we got to spend it at home
3971. School finished and prepared for tomorrow before supper
3972. A beautiful luncheon
3973. Josiah read publicly for the first time. He did awesome.
3974. Got to have a conversation with a woman I've been wanting to get to know
3975. Aliza saw a picture of her dance costume and it's beautiful
3976. Aliza has no more teeth to be extracted. All finished as of today.
3977. Dad was able to come up and fix our lock
3978. It was a strange day and I gave us a break--no school
3979. Shopping with Aliza for her Christmas gifts to give
3980. Meeting some neighbors while trying to find the home of a misdelivered box
3981. Finding Christmas cards in the mailbox
3982. The best hamburger at the cutest diner in Berlin
3983. Watching Anna shop for her gifts to give her siblings
3984. A home for my scrapbooks
3985. Aliza is taking her Daddy up on an offer and has been an amazing helper
3986. A sermon leaving us very joyful
3987. The soft heart that follows consequences (after the anger)
3988. I was finished showering when electricity went off
3989. My big boy doing his Christmas shopping
3990. I'm getting better at 5th grade long division
3991. Talked my sister's ear off
3992. Anna and Ezra played happily for hours
3993. Aliza and I survived math in spite of my impatience and she still loves me
3994. The battery charger charged the car battery in time for Aliza to get to dance
3995. Wrote a couple real letters in my christmas cards
3996. Jeremy had a moment of insanity and made a Christmas purchase
3997. 2 pairs of boots, 2 sets of socks and 1 winter coat=a shopping trip with 4 kids and warmer kids (even though it sounds like only half of the kids are warmer!)
3998. A surprisingly rare moment when we are all working around the table
3999. Making dessert to give away
4000. Josiah picked a book and read 50 pages
4001. Holding this sweet bundle
4002. Wrapping presents--what a privilege to be able to give gifts
4003. Pool day with Daddy in the pool
4004. Pizza picnic by the (indoor) pool
4005. Threw caution to the wind and spent the day at Jeff and Janell's house--unplanned
4006. Drove through all kinds of farming countryside with Isaiah so he would get a nap
4007. Josiah motivated all of us to get allllll the schoolwork done so that we can be on Christmas break
4008. The first TV series I've watched and enjoyed in a very long time. (This Is Us)
4009. Baking every day
4010. Sun and no wind for outside work
4011. Anna picked a yoga instruction book at the library today so naturally she led us all in a yoga class tonight
4012. Pazelles, ice cream, chocolate syrup and cherries delivered by our neighbors
4013. A really fun pre Christmas visit with my sisters and Mom
4014. Loving the pace of Christmas break
4015. Liz Curtis Higgs encouragement and laughter
4016. Baking day
4017. Talking to an Oregon friend I had not talked to in a couple years
4018. Boy cousin afternoon and pizza supper
4019. Mom got help
4020. Everyone--young and old--dealt with disappointment and came out with relationships in tact
4021. Tomorrow will dawn a day to start again and make memories
4022. Christmas morning--all the excitement
4023. Totally surprising Aliza
4024. Happy Birthday Jesus plates, cups and napkins
4025. Caleb introduced Josiah to the joy of breaking rocks apart to see what they look like inside
4026. A handmade Christmas gift made with me in mind
4027. Shopping alone this evening
4028. Anna and her 20 containers of play doh. She shared really well.
4029. Lego building
4030. Aliza plays with that silly hatchimal constantly
4031. Living on leftovers for supper--I'm still on vacation
4032. Finished another book
4033. The last of the Christmas errands
4034. My crazy travel plan worked and went pretty smoothly
4035. Visiting with one of my favorite aunt in laws
4036. Isaiah and that remote control car
4037. A really neat children's museum at an old train station
4038. A few pretty snowflakes--just enough for the kids to be snow excited
4039. Fun Christmas gifts

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