Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Little Stories

 I've been posting some everyday stories on Instagram and realized that if I want to keep them I need to write them here! I guess if you are on Instagram (and when I cross post to Facebook) this is a repeat for you!

I watched President Obama's farewell address one morning with the children. My goal for this inaugural season is for my children to see the peaceful transition of power. That is one thing that makes America very special. They have been aware of the angst surrounding the election and following. They have heard Jeremy and I have discussions. They know that any political leader does not dictate how we choose to live our lives. However, I also want them to know that we respect our national leaders and their office. Don't be under any illusions--none of them sat on the couch for the whole speech!
There are moments when I realize it's been too long since I've heard from Isaiah--and then I go looking. I found him in the bathroom this time. He had the bag of unifix cubes--math counting blocks. When he saw me, he started grabbing blocks out of the toilet and putting them back in the bag saying, "all clean." At that point I figured I might as well go grab my camera--all the blocks were going to have to be washed anyway!
 These 4 big ones enjoyed having their littlest cousin to play with one morning!

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