Wednesday, January 11, 2017

The 7 inch Snow

written by Aliza
We got 7 inches of snow on Saturday. I was so exited. I got dressed quickly to go outside with Josiah and Anna. The snow was so cold and deep. It was powder snow so we couldn't build snowmen or snow forts or have snow ball fights. But I had fun prancing and dancing in the snow. Josiah declared that singing Let It Go is a winter tradition so I sang Let It Go.
Here is the pile of snow clothes, boots, coats, hats, you think it would be bigger, but I think I was still out in the snow when mom took the picture.
It was still coming down at 4 pm and got so deep that it all most over my boot!
Daddy came outside to build a slide with us. He found a big board and piled snow on top of it. After that Josiah got his boogie board and tried the slide/sled. He LOVED it! But it wasn't until the next day Anna gave it a go.
I tried it around 5:00 pm when no one was around. It was so fun and cold!

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Laura said...

You wrote that very well Aliza! I am glad you had fun. Hopefully next time Sean and I can come over and play with you!