Monday, February 13, 2017

A Memorable Evening

I knew it was time for Jeremy and I to get some time alone when 1. we couldn't remember our last date and 2. I was creating a list of subjects I needed to talk to him about. When my sister asked me to babysit her girls it was the perfect chance to ask for a swap.

We dropped Aliza off at an evening birthday party and went to Outback for dinner. Call ahead seating worked out perfectly. We will always call ahead from now on. I talked through the entire meal. The waitress probably thought I was nuts. Then we had time to walk through a couple stores before it was time to pick up Aliza.

Aliza's party was in a development and as we were driving down the road we noticed a bonfire size fire blazing right beside a house. Maybe 10 feet from the side of the garage. A couple cars had pulled over and some women were running around and trying to get someone to answer the door. We were about to keep driving and I said, "Jeremy, I think they need help." He pulled over and ran across the street. Someone brought a hose and a trickle came out--it wasn't hooked up to the faucet. Jeremy got it connected to the faucet. Thankfully, Jeremy had moved some wood away from the fire and the house did not start burning. Jeremy came back to the car with water splattered all over his face from hooking up the hose.

It was a memorable date AND Aliza had a great time at the birthday party.

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