Thursday, February 2, 2017

Joy Dare::January

I guess I've known this was going to happen at some point. The 1000 Gifts app is no longer supported and when I installed the latest update on my phone, I lost January 1-20. Now I'm using paper. So this time it's an abbreviated list.

4094. Commonplace and miraculous--the peaceful transition of power
4095. When Grandma and Grandpa are here we stay in our pjs and visit as long as possible
4096. Finished a good book
4097. Special church service--cardboard testimonies and visitors
4098. One huge dance party
4099. Jeremy brought home my perfect snack--chai and a muffin
4100. A sunny day
4101. Sent a box of empty cereal boxes to Haiti
4102. Aliza is loving dance this year and it makes me so happy for her
4103. The girls have so much fun playing together--at  bedtime!
4104. Anna was so very grownup at the dentist
4105. Libraries--I really love looking for our read aloud books
4106. Prayer and more prayer--it makes all the difference
4107. Lots and lots of recycling taken care of
4108. Sun
4109. 1 Timothy 2:1-2
4110. Doing as much nothing as possible on this Sunday
4111. Aliza teaching Anna her dance
4112. Chinese supper that excited everyone
4113. After church treat
4114. Ordering pictures for Gramma
4115. Doughnuts after Dr. well check
4116. Cheering section for Caleb
4117. Aliza loved her social day
4118. Josiah finished school early
4119. "And this is the thing to hear everywhere: no matter what anyone's saying, everyone's just asking if they can be loved" (from The Broken Way)
4120. Posted an invitation

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