Sunday, February 26, 2017


I have been praying for several years now for a place where Aliza could connect with other girls and really feel like she has friends. In the past month or so I have watched this prayer be answered.

Through a series of soccer games and birthday parties, Aliza had the chance to get to know a girl from her dance class. Get to know as in this girl and Aliza talked non stop for the duration of the events. I talked to this girl's Mom and she said, "You know, Carla, you really need to come to Wednesday nights." This same mom had actually invited me last year to this same thing and I just couldn't see my way clear to add it to our lives. This year, however, I immediately knew that this was for us. I talked to the kids in the car on the way home from dance and all 3 of them were surprisingly positive and excited.

Wednesday nights we call "club." It is actually Girls in Action and Royal Ambassadors at a baptist church. The evening starts with supper and then the girls have a class, the boys have a class, Anna and Isaiah are in the preschool class and Jeremy and I go to the adult class. It's only an hour and to say that my children are excited afterwards is an understatement. They are giddy! All 4 of them have so much fun.

The first week Josiah and Anna were crying during supper because they were so nervous. The second week all 4 children went running by themselves to class.

I love not cooking supper on Wednesdays! I could take or leave the adult class, but for an hour, knowing that my kids are having a great time and making friends, I can sit through just about anything.

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